The NFL Waiver Wire Explained.

The Waiver Wire works like this:

  • Team A signs Player X to a contract
  • Player X makes the roster and is on the team during the regular season
  • Team A decides it no longer wants Plaer X on its roster
  • Team A terminates the players contract, releasing him from his duties
  • Before Player X becomes a free agent, he hits the Waiver Wire
  • When his name goes on the waiver wire, every team in the NFL has the option to pick up the players original contract (the one Player X originally signed with Team A)
  • The Waiver Wire is like the NFL Draft in that teams with the worst records get first crack at the players who have been released
  • Once a team passes on the player then they cannot go back and claim him
  • If no team signs the player, then he becomes an unrestrictd free agent. 

The Browns have up to 5+ slots open for waiver possibilities. They need to come to an injury settlement with Montario Hardesty RB and essentially cut him. Today will be interesting to say the least.


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